Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dallas Christmas Parade Information

You can find general information on the Christmas Parade here:

The parade route is the same as our Homecoming Parade, except because there are many more participants we meet at Oasis Church.  We do not take busses to our parade site, so students need to report to SPHS as early as 9:00AM to get their uniform and need to be in uniform in the Oasis Church parking lot by 11:00AM.  The band room will only be open until 10:00AM.  

Oasis Family Life Church
210 Paulding Ln
Dallas, GA 30132

The marching uniform will consist of our formal marching attire with the addition of a traditional red and white Santa hat.  Please only wear a tradition one, not a special hat (ex. extra long, different colors, dark red, etc.) You can find hats at many different locations for a very inexpensive price.  

The cologuard will wear their "warm-ups" with a plain white knit cap (toboggan).  

Keep in mind that we are the first marching band in the parade, they start closing roads early because of the number of participants, and traffic begins backing up just after 11:00AM, so plan on being early.  Since we are the first band this year and the parade steps off at 1:00PM,  I estimate that we will be finished by approximately 1:30PM.  The students will be dismissed to their parents once the trailer is loaded.  

We will load the trailer on Saturday morning from 9:30AM - 10:00AM.  Percussionists, sousaphones, and members of the leadership team (drum majors, captains, and section leaders) need to either help load the trailer at 9:30AM and unload the trailer upon completion of the parade.  Traffic is tricky exiting the area and Mr. Carr will want to be sure that all of the students have been picked up by their parents before leaving the parade area.  If we are finished with our participation in the parade around 1:30PM it will be roughly 2:30PM when the school will be opened again for students to return uniforms and unload the trailer. 

Just a quick reminder that we have a rehearsal after school on Thursday, December 5 from 3:45pm - 5:00pm to prepare for the parade.  Students should have their parade music memorized by that rehearsal.