Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sightreading Webpage!

Mr. and Mrs. Becton just recommended a website that they have found to aid in sight-reading practice.

I took a look at the website and it looks promising!  There is a FREE demo portion of the webpage and a paid section of the website that will allow you to access even more sight-reading options.  This is very similar to the SmartMusic experience in that you can play back audio of what each line should sound like.  

My recommendation is to take 30 seconds to study it, plat it, then listen to it played by the computer.  This way you can assess how closely you performed it.  If you are having trouble sight-reading it then count the rhythms before playing the line and you will find yourself getting better and better as you progress.

Remember our 3 rules of sight-reading:

#1 - Don't Stop
#2 - Rhythm is MOST important

Best of luck to all of our students who are auditioning on Saturday!  I'm so proud of you for setting a goal and working towards it!