Sunday, December 15, 2013

District Honor Band Results

Good afternoon!

Every year I look forward to this day with great anticipation and humbleness; because as much fun as it is to celebrate with the students who made District Honor Band, there is always disappointment felt by the students who did not.  I challenge everyone to try and not feel disappointed too long, but to find strength and excitement in the experience and wisdom gained through the participation in this endeavor.  The competition varies from year to year and from instrument to instrument, but the lessons learned by preparing and attempting the audition are too great to just quit.

If you find your name on this list congratulations!  You have succeeded in being named one of the top instrumentalists in our GMEA District, which spans from Heard County to Chattanooga!  You will have the privilege to participate in the District Honor Band hosted at Heritage High School in Ringgold, GA from February 13-15.  It promises to be a great weekend! More information will be announced as I receive it.

If you do not find your name on this list, keep your head held high.  I am sorry that you have worked hard and the results did not fall in your favor, but we've all been in your shoes.  Although it is not the greatest feeling, there are lessons to learn from it.  If you feel like you could have auditioned better then use this as motivation during your preparation next time.  Even if you are a senior and this was your last time auditioning for DHB, there will be a next time that you can use this experience.  Your next time might be an interview at a college for a scholarship or an employment opportunity.  Use the experience that you gained from this process to continue to mold you into the person that you want to be.  Keep in mind what Nelson Mandela said, "Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again."  Failing is never fun, but it is sometimes necessary to achieve greatness.  It is one of the many gifts given to us to help us learn to be better.  Use this opportunity of growth as motivation to continue towards your goals and remember that you never lose until you stop trying.  I look forward to helping you continue the battle on Monday.

I am proud of all of our students who made the commitment and went through with the process, regardless of outcome.   Our band program is now stronger because you set a goal and tried your best to achieve it.  Thank you so much for your strong efforts!