Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wind Ensemble Trip to GMEA --- Update

Good evening!  I just learned that I misspoke about price for parents to travel with the Wind Ensemble and for us to include you in the hotel/meals.  I have attached the information from the original e-mail with an explanation of my error.

This is how the information was presented to me.  I have bolded the sentence that I neglected to notice when I created the post the other day.  Fortunately a few parents have asked me for more information and I noticed my error.  I am very sorry for any problems that I might have caused.

If they are joining for the meal, as the invoice shows, they would need to add:
Paula Deen – Lady and Son's      $29.00 per person
Columbus Mean en-route           $17.00 per person.
If they did only one destination, they would merely cut the cost in half and then add the Paula Deen meail if they go to Savannah.
If they meet you in Troy, then they would be on their own and miss the Columbus meal anyway.
From there, the main detail for you to clarify to them would be the price based on the number of people in each room.  This is the thing that confuses most people."

I messed up on 2 things.  I forgot that the price is per person, so if you are getting a room with 2 people (which was what I based it on) then the price would be $224.00x2.  Also, the meal in Savannah would need to be for 2 people, not only 1.  

Noticing that I have messed up this - it would probably be most cost efficient you to make individual arrangements for lodging — but could be included in the dinner at Paula Deen's Lady and Son's if you would like at $29.00 per person.

Again, please accept my apologies for my mistake.  I appreciate your patience — more information regarding the trip will be posted soon and discussed at the booster meeting on Monday evening.

- Mr. Carr