Thursday, August 20, 2015

Information about Friday's game and Saturday's March-A-Thon

Hi Everyone!

We are so incredibly excited about tomorrow night's performance.  Here's some quick information about tomorrow's game:

All wind players and percussionists will be in full uniform.  Our colorguard will perform in casual uniform. 

Winds and percussionists need black crew socks to wear with their marching shoes.  They also must wear athletic shorts and this year's band shirt under the uniform.  Please double check with your children and make sure they are prepared.

Sprayberry does charge spectators $5 to park.  This is on top of the regular ticket price.

Friday's Schedule:

4:00 PM - Food provided for the students
4:30 PM - Change clothes, load for Sprayberry
5:30 PM - Busses leave for Sprayberry
7:30 PM - Kickoff
10:30 PM - Game Ends
10:50 PM - Leave for SPHS
11:45 PM - Arrive SPHS

*Due to the nature of the sport of Football, the ending time of the game is only an estimation.  There are many factors that play into this.  The game could end sooner.  It could also end much later (overtime, weather, injuries, traffic, etc).  We will instruct your kids to text you when the game has ended, and to text again when we are about 10 minutes from SPHS. 

Saturday's March-A-Thon

Right now our start time is 8:00 AM.  We will confirm that time with the students when we arrive back from our game tomorrow night.  Please plan for 8:00 AM.

We are providing students lunch around 12:00 PM. 

We will be finished at 5:00 PM.