Saturday, October 3, 2015

Next Week

Hi Everyone!

We wanted to go ahead a provide you with a detailed schedule of everything for next week. 

Monday -

Normal Rehearsal Schedule

Tuesday -

Normal Rehearsal Schedule

Wednesday -

The Marching Band is taking a field trip to Union Elementary School during the school day.  Students will miss 3rd - 6th Periods of school on Wednesday.  Students should wear their CASUAL uniform for this performance.

10:30 - Load busses
10:45 - Leave for Union
11:05 - Arrive at Union
11:10 - Eat Lunch (Pizza provided for our students by Union)
12:00 - Book Parade Begins
1:00 - Book Parade Ends.  Load equipment and busses
1:15 - Leave for SPHS
1:35 - Arrive at SPHS.  Students unload. 

Thursday -

Normal Rehearsal Schedule

Friday -

Home vs. PCHS

As always, we're still looking for a few volunteers in the concession stand.  Please click here to register.

Saturday -

Band Contest at Fannin County High School.  Please make sure your child has eaten lunch before they arrive at the school.  We are very aware that this will be a late night for our kids.  Please take this into consideration for those students under 18 who drive.

12:30 - Band arrives at SPHS
12:45 - Rehearsal Begins
2:45 - Rehearsal Ends
4:00 - Band leaves for FCHS
6:00 - Band Arrives at FCHS
6:15 - Band eats boxed dinner
7:45 - Warm Up Begins
8:35 - Warm Up Ends
8:50 - SPHS Performs
9:50 - Awards Ceremony Begins
10:50 - Awards Ceremony Ends
11:10 - SPHS departs Fannin County HS
1:10 - Arrive back at SPHS

Here is the address for Fannin County High School:
Fannin County High School
360 Rebel Circle, Blue Ridge, GA 30513