Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Spirit Wear and Senior Information

Hi Everyone -

Please see below for a message from Mrs. Leptrone about Spirit Wear and Senior Information.
Our final spirit wear order will be ready for pick up at the end of practice this Thursday. Students need to see Mrs. Leptrone and Mrs. Kluttz in the band room immediately following practice. Orders that are not picked up at this time will be available for pick up from Mrs. Leptrone at 5:30 Friday in the band room. Please remind your students to pick up their orders promptly.
Senior banners are being printed. The cost for the banners will be $20. $15 is to pay for each individual banner. The remaining money collected will be used to cover the large group banner. Any leftover monies will be held to pay for the senior gift at the end of the year. Please put any payments in an envelope marked with Debbi Leptrone's name and deliver to Maggie Leptrone. We hope to have the banners ready to hang by Friday night's game. Stay posted to find out if we need your help hanging them before our game!