Friday, November 18, 2016


We are now beginning a few fundraisers to raise money for our new uniforms, as well as continue a few more for individual accounts. Click here for an order form for Boston butts. These will be smoked and foil wrapped and delivered the week of December 12. Each package will be between 3-4 pounds and will sell for $30. $15 from each Boston Butt will go towards student accounts.

The second item we are sharing is a donor letter for small businesses. We are asking students to use this upcoming break and the weeks after, leading up to Christmas break, to visit small, locally owned businesses in our area and ask for donations toward our new uniforms. Students can go in small groups and are invited to borrow their current marching uniforms to wear/show as they visit area merchants. The letter (click here) that each group should share with business owners gives a bit of information to help ask for donations. If every student would visit a business or two over break, we could potentially raise enough money to fund our new uniforms. Click here to download our donor letter.

Thank you for your participation in all of our funding efforts! The success of our program is due to your efforts!