Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Concert Cancelled

Just making sure that everyone knows that tonight's concert has been cancelled.  I hope that everyone was able to make it home safely and are now warm.  Please say a prayer for the students and teachers who are still stranded at various schools.  Mrs. Carr is still at Dugan with staff and some students, she thinks they may have to stay the night tonight.

IF we have school tomorrow, we will schedule the concert for tomorrow evening, although most likely we will not have school.  Please watch the news for notifications on school closings.

Wind Ensemble students - IF we do have school on Thursday we will still report for the trip on Thursday.  It could be that we would be a little delayed starting, but would still plan on attending the trip.  Make sure that you pack your concert attire, clothes for the ride, your instrument, and your music.  You will need money for 2 lunches and will need to pack a snack for the ride home from Troy - or bring some more money to purchase extra food at CFA for the ride home.

Although this is an extremely important trip for us, we will not risk our safety to attend.  Please check this site often for updates if there are any changes.  Let's all pray for WARM WEATHER :)